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User Tips
A quarterly note from WON Systems geared towards enabling users to make full use of their Agency Business Software Solution.

Tip 8

Report Writing, Report Customization, Data Exporting & Saving Data
4 Methods

1) Report Writing:

This feature allows you to write custom reports (called ad hoc reports (.ahr)) that can be info lists all the way to multi subtotaling reports with several filters. Report writing takes some understanding of the database, its tables and relationships so you should expect some learning curve and to do it often to become really good at it. Only try to write a report after looking at every possible C&P report for a solution.

To start custom reports:
  1. Goto My Menu and choose My Custom reports...
  2. Nothing happens except a new menu called Reports is added.
  3. Start the adding process from here and choose your Report Wizard template and move into fields. (See other included instructions).
  4. Be careful with access to this as you can see all tables and it's possible to export all financial info in the database.
Please refer to the following address for table and field info:

2) Report Customizations:

This feature allows you to customize existing reports for small or unique aspects of your business process. For example you may want to have a title on an invoice different or perhaps a cheque format different.

To start Report Customizations:
  1. Goto the Setup menu and choose report customizations.
  2. Scroll down the left hand side and choose the report that you want to change. Note that for some of the more commonly used reports (i.e. invoicing and estimates) there are several (i.e. 5-10 in some cases) different reports to change. This accounts for the varying level of detail as well as the different column options.
  3. You can preview your changes right from the current screen, however it is often better to go into the program and test the change on live data and to make sure you have made the changes to the right form.
  4. Finally, you always have the ability to "Revert" to the original. Never hit the cancel button as that also reverts to the original.
  5. Note also that any version upgrade will reset these forms to the original. I have submitted a wish list request with another client to have these customizations exportable.
  6. The changes that you make are unique to each workstation's application. If you want them on more then one workstation you need to copy the "Clients & Profits Pro X.lbs" file to the destination workstation.

3) Exporting Data in Database Utilities:

This feature allows you to export (import also, but not recommended) info from your C&P DB. Such things as Task Lists, Chart of Accounts, etc. can be easily exported into a text file to be read into excel.

To start Report Customizations:
  1. Goto the Setup menu and select utilities and goto Database Utilities.
  2. From here you would single click on the data file that you want to export.
  3. Choose the Export button at the top.
  4. In the next window you should choose the fields in the file (i.e. in the TASK_TABLE file you should choose T_Task & T_NAME for the task code and the Task name to be exported. Use your shift and ctrl keys to select the fields that you want.
  5. Choose your export format and save it in a good place to later import into excel.

4) Saving Date from Report:

This feature allows you to export info from your C&P DB. This is likely the easiest method to take data out as you can export directly by printing the report.

Your options are currently:
  1. Printer and Screen we have been using.
  2. PDF works on a PC and you need to use your print menu PDF option with a MAC.
  3. HTML is a good option as it retains all the structure of the report in columns and rows and is readily readable by most.
  4. Export will save to a text file that can be imported in to a number of applications.
  5. Clipboard will allow you to paste from some reports in other applications (this only works with some reports and sometimes you will have to try both e. and f. to see what the best option is).

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