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"I’ve worked with Mike on a wide range of project over the past ten plus years. Mike has developed a strong set of business skills to support your organization. His background in consulting when combined with his finance, production, sales and marketing work experience provide an excellent general business knowledge and expertise. Mike is an excellent analytical thinker that can bring real world value to the challenges of your business."
- Trevor Thiessen
Redekop Manufacturing, Saskatoon, SK

"I wish to express a very heartfelt thank you for helping us through the day. People remain pumped with their new knowledge and they cannot get things into action quick enough. We held another meeting on Friday regarding internal efficiency and have worked through many challenges there as well - but the... training proved instrumental in our discussions."
- Peter Gabany
President/Creative Director
Limelight Advertising & Design, Port Hope, Ontario

"Mike Wonnick and his company have impressed me with their knowledge of the unique regulations and needs of Canadian companies such as Foreign Exchange (FX), VAT taxes, French language, and more. In addition to the experience Mike brings, including work with over 35 marketing communications clients, he is a Chartered Accountant and thoroughly understands both the technical and business aspects of our software. This knowledge is useful from the initial selection of the system, throughout implementation, and beyond. "
- Cindi McCarthy
President and CEO

"Mike made the transition into C&P easier than we could have ever imagined! His professional, patient & accommodating work methods helped us move quickly & smoothly into C&P. With his knowledge in accounting and advertising there were no questions too unusual or complex that Mike couldn't help us with. We appreciate all you did and continue to do for us! "
- Ron Repke
Eyelight Inc., Waterloo, Ontario

"Amélioration considérable de nos processus. Très bien adapté à la réalité d'agence. Vue d'ensemble et actualisée des mandats et des finances de l'entreprise. Capacité d'analyser nos résultats de façon beaucoup plus efficace. "

"C&P resulted in considerable improvement of our business processes. It's very well adapted to the agency reality. (We've) seen overall improvement of the mandates and finances of the business. C&P has given us better capacity to analyze our results in a much more efficient manner. "
- Denis Roy
Egzakt, Trois Rivières, Québec

"Great session today, by the way, very very helpful and even -- dare I say -- inspirational."
- Adam Schnitzler
Creative Director, Partner
S3, Boonton, New Jersey


"(Mike's training services were) Excellent. Flexible, dynamic. Liked being able to discuss processes simultaneously, debate the pros and cons & come to an informed consensus. Really liked your agency experience & understanding! Value-added!! Accounting experience an excellent complement. "
- Danielle Kristmanson
Origin Design, Whistler, British Columbia

"From the start, you've been thoroughly professional and very responsive to our inquiries. I appreciate your assessments and all the background work you conducted before you came up for the training and implementation session. ...you obviously have the kind of unflappable personality it takes to instruct the kind of mixed crew we have here. We especially appreciate the after-market service, the way you've been able to find solutions and work-arounds for our specific needs. "
- Al Aasman
President, Managing Director
Aasman Design Inc., Whitehorse, Yukon

"Mike's experience with system implementations, knowledge of internal controls and accounting designation helped MGM successfully implement Clients & Profits to a diverse set of users. His initiative helped us gain full functionality from the product and his analytical abilities helped us successfully trouble shoot any problem areas."
- Angela Michel, CPA, CA
Former Chief Operating Officer
MGM Communications, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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