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Clients & Profits

Clients & Profits

Clients & Profits is one of North America's leading agency software solutions geared towards small to medium agencies and design firms. Its cross platform and web based solutions offer full functionality in an easy to use interface.

Clients & Profits is an intelligent, seamlessly integrated production accounting system that works like you do, speaks your language, and does everything you need: job tracking, estimating, traffic, job costing, time keeping, client billing and financial accounting. It shows your agency people the information they need to know, quickly and concisely, so they can work better, smarter and faster than ever before. Do all this without turning into an accountant or a computer programmer.

Let Your Business Side Get Creative:

YOUR CREATIVE SIDE thinks about clients, jobs, estimates, and deadlines. It asks questions like: Where's the job jacket? Is the estimate ok? Is the client happy? Day after day, week after week it's a struggle to stay on top of jobs, budgets, and traffic-and still do great creative.

And Your Creative Side Gets Down to Business:

HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE: Everyone in your shop can work smarter with Clients & Profits. It has revolutionized the way agencies work. By automating the way you track jobs, you'll see the dramatic results of efficient record keeping: Less time spent on administration.

1) Job Tickets
The heart of Clients & Profits is the job ticket. It's an electronic job jacket that remembers everything...

2) Estimates
These days a job estimate is simply good business. Estimates show clients you're professional.

3) Traffic
You might miss a deadline, but not because you didn't know about it.

4) Job costing
With a 17.65% markup, one dollar of unbilled costs takes six dollars in new billings to make up the difference.

5) Billing
Quicker billing means improved cash flow and higher profits.

6) Accounting
Clients & Profits features a complete one-write, double-entry general ledger with a custom chart of accounts.

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