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User Tips
A quarterly feature from WON Systems geared towards enabling users to make full use of their Agency Business Software Solution.

Tip 4

Scheduling & Traffic
Quick Start Page

In order to assist easy transition to the Scheduling & Traffic components of Clients & Profits, I have developed a Quick Start page. This will allow a more streamlined input of only the required information into the software. Despite less information going in, it still allows you to take advantage of the majority of great additional reporting for internal & external users.

A) Key Fields to input:
  1. 'Start & Due Dates' when the job ticket is opened. Can also be inputted or updated through the 'Edit' button in 'Job Tickets' or via the 'Schedule' button also in 'Job Tickets'.

  2. 'Due Date' when task is due.

  3. 'Resource' that the task will be assigned.

  4. 'Lead Time' (optional), while not required, will automatically determine a more exact 'Start Date' and help you quickly input changes. Can have automatically come in through Job Types.

  5. 'Estimated Hours' (optional), while not required, will automatically flow from the estimate section into the schedule and also onto several screens available for all staff.

B) Key Reports to use:
  1. 'Timeline' on the 'Job Ticket' Screen and 'Production Planner' on the 'Production' menu should be used by TM's and AE's at first.

  2. 'Weekly Task Planner' under the 'My' menu should be used by all staff.

  3. 'Daily Job Status Report' under 'Production' should be used by TM's and AE's at first.

  4. 'Work To Do' under Production should be used by TM's and AE's at first.

  5. 'Weekly Traffic Report' should be used by TM's and AE's when and if milestones are incorporated into your process.

C) Helpful Getting Started Tips:
  1. For the first month or so you may want to ensure that the correct tasks are being included in the scheduling section (i.e. ensure that the 'Scheduling' X is either off or on when you double click on a task on the 'Job Ticket' screen). Also, update these settings to your task table and ensure you select the 'Update existing job tasks' box at the bottom of the screen.

  2. In the 'Schedule' screen use the 'Ball Park' button to schedule back from the due date or forward from the start date.

  3. In the 'Schedule' screen use the 'Reschedule' button to change individual task dates.

  4. Tasks that have a 'Finished' date do not change as a result of #2 or #3.

  5. Start simple by just scheduling the key labour tasks and maybe one third party task. Since AE, AC & PM work happens throughout, it may be easier not to schedule at first.

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