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Implementation Approach

Let's face it - implementing successfully and fully utilizing agency business software is hard work and not for the faint of heart. You need to have a plan, a hard working team and a great software product. Oh yeah - in my experience an external experienced resource is critical to help you avoid all the pitfalls and ensure you implement all the best practices that are available.

This is where WON Systems comes in. Through the initial "Business Process Review" into the database "Design" and "Development" and finally with "Training" and "Go-Live", we are along side you 100%. We have taken our experience of working with over 35 Canadian agencies and our tried and true implementation model to ensure you have success the first time.

The following outlines the key steps in our process:

1. System Selection Services:
We will work with you to identify your key needs, business drivers and reporting requirements and with that evaluate your software solution options together.

2. Business Process Review:
This would contain a "cradle to grave business process" discussion with key staff, including: a review of existing system business documents, a review of best practice procedures from WON, a discussion of likes/dislikes from existing systems (and all with an eye towards implementation). A written report would be produced for your agency and used in the database design and development. The appropriate schedule is determined with relevant personnel responsibilities assigned also at this point.

3. Software Implementation & Prototype:
The prototyping phase should start here, which is the initial "controlled" design of the database, considering how it will look at your agency.

4. Design:
Design all changes to functionality and process procedures as required and build any changes into the Prototyping stage. This is a valuable opportunity to incorporate all changes from the System Audit into the software (paper flows, review processes, billing, production, reporting and others). Finally, work with you to ensure all changed procedures are documented.

5. Development:
Complete development & modification of any business procedures. Develop procedures for opening balances/jobs etc.

6. Data Conversion and Input:
In order to facilitate the input and conversion of opening data (Clients, Vendors, Chart of Accounts, Tasks, Statuses, Preferences, Opening #'s), I will offer my services towards this input and review/management effort while on-site and off-site.

7. Training:
Train functional leaders in the details of the program, under the "train the trainer" concept, enabling them to become small support centres for their areas. Train all users in the general software and procedures determined by the Selection Committee (overview).

8. Testing & Installation:
Test and install programs and procedures in concert with your IT manager. First, test the network, hardware, database and application in as close to a live environment as possible before taking the system live. Second, complete final testing of the prototype database in the same environment to ensure required objectives are achieved.

9. Go Live & Monitor:
Go live once the above steps are complete and all the appropriate committee approvals are received. Monitor progress and make adjustments to setup or process as required.

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