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User Tips
A quarterly feature from WON Systems geared towards enabling users to make full use of their Agency Business Software Solution.

Tip 5

The Invoicing Close Process
Quick Start Page

In order to assist easy transition to the Invoicing components of Clients & Profits, I have provided a Quick Start page. This will allow a more streamlined process and input of only the required information into C&P. Despite less information going in, it still allows you to take advantage of the majority of great additional reporting for internal and external users.

A) The Billing Process Steps:
  1. The Billing process is usually initiated by the Partner/Account Executive/Production Manager through the job being completed.

  2. At this point a communication is made to accounting either verbally/email or through a production/billing status change in C&P. Using the status change is encouraged here as it automated the process and allows accounting to run a report looking for all dockets that have moved to that status.

  3. An alternate situation may occur whereby there is a pre-bill (estimate bill) or a monthly or milestone billing arrangement. This can also be handled through the billing production status.

  4. A billing "Package" is put to together comprised of at most 4 reports (See B. Key Reports to Use). Depending on how the client works accounting will know if it's typically capped at estimate or if the actual costs incurred are billed. This can then be reflected on the first "Billing Preview Report" as to attempt to bring the process as far along to completion as possible (may save you one review cycle).

  5. The "Package" is then distributed to the appropriate account manager for review, changes and approval. If significant changes occur (and depending on their preference) a 2nd version may be issued for review (hopefully one is sufficient).

  6. Final changes are made and printing/mailing is done. Ensure that the invoice is posted before printing as to change name to "Invoice" from "Billing Preview".

  7. If this is the final invoice the Job Ticket is closed. This is as simple as changing the Production and Billing Status to "998" (Closed - Ready to Archive) as to drop off all active Production Status reports.

  8. Appropriate paper printing, copies and archiving process should also occur.

B) Key Reports to use:
  1. Billing Preview - This is the report generated when the "draft" invoice is first created.

  2. Job Costs - From the Job Ticket Screen choose the printer button and Accounting on the left hand side and check Job Costs. This will provide all the detail of the costs (labour and 3rd party that you need).

  3. Job Commitments/POs - From the Job Ticket Screen choose the printer button and Accounting on the left hand side and check Job Commitments/PO's. This will provide all the detail of the PO/IO/BO commitments (open and fulfilled) that are in place for your Job Ticket.

  4. Job Progress - From the Job Ticket Screen choose the printer button and Accounting on the left hand side and check Job Progress. This will provide a great one pager of the Job Ticket's progress by task of estimate $, hours, change order $, job commitments $, costs/gross $, billings and unbilled costs.
Job Accounting Report

C) Helpful Getting Started Tips:
  1. After you have created the invoice try using the "Show Job Description" under "Options". This will allow you to automatically bring the description forward from the Job Ticket if it has been properly/accurately entered.

  2. Try also looking at the various detail level presentations that you can display under the "Options" link.

  3. You will find that your "Print Proof List" report will likely always be carrying some unapproved/unposted invoices forward as the odd outstanding questions or is waiting on information. This report then is a good report to track old "Billing Previews" and hence should be updated to the new period when the month is closed and when they are finally posted.

  4. Note that 3 different descriptions are available - Top Summary (from the Invoice), Bottom Summary (from the Job Ticket) and for each task (detailed). These can be used individually or together.

  5. Names of tasks can be modified at the invoice level.

  6. Roll-ups are very useful and should be revisited after the basics are mastered.

  7. Hours, Estimates, Previous Billings and various combinations of these numbers can be displayed on the invoice.

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